Stephanie Trammell(non-registered)
Good Morning!

I was just watching your slide show of photos in between meetings at work, and my boss ask me if you were going to enter that Sony World Photography contest... I told him I asked you.... he said 'well if she does, i'm out of it for sure!"

Anyway- LOVE your work Carrie!
cbd oil(non-registered)
This is amazing! It's hard to decide which ones I like best! Amazing photography!
Love your photos! How did you miss Kentucky? If you come through, let me know and I'll show you the sights. My husband is also a photographer and we both love your work! Have a good day!
Carrie Marie Brown!!!(non-registered)
I came across your website while searching my own name! You have some great photos, and I love that you have some of Wa. state since that is where I am, I may just have to purchase some photos!


Carrie Brown
Teresa Jansa(non-registered)
You really do have a good eye. You photograph things or views that others might not consider. Also, I like your compositions; again, some are unique views but work to make a beautiful photo. I don't have time right now to view them all but will be back. I was introduced to you via Jonathan Bailor's podcasts with you. I found your site to find some recipes and lo and behold, you are a photographer! Photography has been my love and have been away from it for a long time. Now I have time again to get back to it. I enjoyed seeing yours!
Miss M.(non-registered)
Wow, these are AMAZINGLY beautiful! (even the dilapidated trucks, fences, buildings etc)... you really capture the beauty in these things... THANK YOU for sharing!!! :-)
Jeanette Simmonds(non-registered)
What can I say Ms Brown ....these are just amazing. You really are something special :-) xx
Lorrie Walter
Amazing photographs, these definatley catch the eye from every angle and you have photo's here that all can delight in.
thanks for letting us see the world thru your eyes.
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